National consultation on the Basel Consultation and facilitation of the entry into force of the Ban Amendment

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Thirty participants from various ministries, including the Ministry of Environment and Energy, Environmental Protection Agency, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Defence and National Security, customs; as well as from the ports authorities, private sector waste disposers; academia; inter-governmental organizations participated in two days of training and interactive exercises. These included an overview of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions, as well as the Indonesian-Swiss country-led initiative to improve the effectiveness of the Basel Convention. Participants were also introduced to linkages with the Minamata Convention on mercury. In addition to presentations and exchanges on the national experiences in implementing the Basel Convention in the Maldives, participants actively engaged in group discussions on challenges and barriers linked to transboundary movements of wastes and environmentally sound management in the Maldives, including linkages with the Ban Amendment. Looking also at the role of effective coordination mechanisms in the implementation of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions, participants agreed a set of recommendations to strengthen the implementation of the Convention and support the process towards ratification of the Ban Amendment, which is in progress in the Maldives.

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