Small intersessional working group

The Small intersessional working group (SIWG) on the technical guidelines on the environmentally sound management of persistent organic pollutants as wastes was established pursuant to paragraph 9 of decision OEWG-I/4 of the Open-ended Working Group. The group has been entrusted to undertake several activities leading to the preparation and updating of technical guidelines on POP wastes.

  • The SIWG is open in nature and consists of members nominated by Parties from the five regional groups of the United Nations and is open to observers;
  • The SIWG shall call upon additional experts as needed, subject to the availability of resources;
  • The working language of the group shall be English and the group shall otherwise organize its working modalities according to the rules of procedure of the Basel Convention;
  • The SIWG organizes informal online meetings and/or face-to-face meetings, as applicable and necessary.

Members of the SIWG



Mr. Agustin Harte Argentina
Ms. Tamara Kukharchyk Belarus
Ms. Julie Croteau Canada
Mr. Yuying Du China
Mr. Botto Ahou Florent Côte d'Ivoire
Ms. Floria Roa-Gutierrez Costa Rica
Mr. Ivan Holoubek Czech Republic
Ms. L. Schou Denmark
Mr. Enrique Garcia John European Commission
Mr. Timo Seppälä Finland
Ms. Mareike Roehreich Germany
Mr. Michael Ernst Germany
Mr. Georg Surkau Germany
Mr. Sam Adu-Kumi Ghana
Ms. Elisabetta Bemporad Italy
Mr. Tadashi Teranishi Japan
Ms.Natsuko Kajiwara Japan
Ms. Yuri Kato Japan
Mr. Mohammed Oglah Hussein Khashashneh Jordan
Mr. Jean Claude Salama Madagascar
Mr. Myint Soe Myanmar
Mr. Rameshwar Adhikari Nepal 
Mr. Martien Janssen Netherlands
Mr. Peter Dawson New Zealand
Ms. Christina Charlotte Tolfsen Norway
Mr. Ole Thomas Thommesen Norway
Mr. Andrey Romanov Russian Federation
Ms. Ekaterina Tsyganova Russian Federation
Ms. Galina Zykova Russian Federation
Ms. Julia Kostina Russian Federation
Ms. Maria Vodyanova Russian Federation
Mr. Sergey Semenov Russian Federation
Ms. Tatiana Kuznecova Russian Federation
Ms. Noluzuko Gwayi South Africa
Mr. Jayakody A. Sumith Sri Lanka
Mr. John Lotoft Sweden
Mr. Andreas Buser Switzerland
Ms. Svitlana Sukhorebra Ukraine
Ms. Jane Stratford United Kingdom
Ms. Alison Elliot United Kingdom
Mr. Bob Mcintyre United Kingdom
Ms. Elen Strale United Kingdom
Ms. Francisca Katagira United Republic of Tanzania

Observers of the SIWG

Ms. Jitka Straková Arnika Association / Intenational POPs Elimination Network (IPEN)
Mr. Jindrich Petrlik Arnika Association / Intenational POPs Elimination Network (IPEN)
Ms. Miroslava Jopkova  Arnika Association / Intenational POPs Elimination Network (IPEN) 
Mr. Lein Tange Bromine Science Environmental Forum (BSEF)
Ms. Ella Stengler CEWEP
Mr. Lorenzo Ceccherini  CEWEP
Mr. Gilberto Kuepouo CREPD (NGO from Cameroon), part of IPEN
Mr. Edmar Meuwissen EUMEPS
Mr. Rikarnto Bountis EURIC - European Recycling Industries’ Confederation
Mr. Mike Hale EURITS - European Union for the responsible incineration and treatment of special waste
Ms. Anja Pieper European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA)
Mr. Timo Unger European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA)
Mr. Jens Warsen European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA)
Mr. Chris Slijkhuis European Electronics Recyclers Association (EERA)
Ms. Elisabetta Tonin European Federation of Waste Management and Environmental Services (FEAD)
Mr. Patrick Clerens European Suppliers of Waste-to-Energy Technology aisbl (ESWET)
Mr. Baogen Gu FAO
Ms. Elisabetta Tagliati FAO
Ms. Sirine Rached Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA)
Mr. Alain Heidelberger Hazardous Waste Europe (HWE)
Mr. Claude Bastian   HBCD Industry Group  
Mr. Lee Bell IPEN
Ms. Yo Osada Japan Industrial Waste Management Foundation
Mr. Yukio Noma National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan
Mr. Antonino Furfari Plastics Recyclers Europe
Mr. Patrick de Kort  Plastics Recyclers Europe 
Mr. Alexander Potrykus Ramboll
Mr. Keijiro Tomoda Towa Technology Corporation, Japan
Ms. Mayumi Tamiya Towa Technology Corporation, Japan
Mr. Abel Arkenbout  ToxicoWatch, the Netherlands 
Mr. Greg Helms United States of America, EPA
Ms. Heidi Fiedler University of Orebro, Sweden
Mr. Rainer Buchholz WV Metalle - Germany
Mr. Siegfried Moeslein WV Metalle - Germany