Environmentally Sound Management of hazardous and other wastes


In decision BC-10/2 the Parties adopted the Strategic framework for the implementation of the Basel Convention for 2012-2021. Strengthening the environmentally sound management (ESM) of hazardous and other wastes is the second goal of the strategic framework. In the Basel Convention decisions on the follow-up on the Indonesian-Swiss country-led initiative (CLI) to improve the effectiveness of the Basel Convention, the Parties adopted the framework for the environmentally sound management of hazardous and other wastes (ESM framework) and established an Expert Working Group (EWG) with the mandate of developing, among others, actions for the implementation of environmentally sound management. The objectives of these training and capacity building activities are to enhance the environmentally sound management of hazardous and other wastes, supporting Parties in the implementation of the ESM framework and the Cartagena declaration on minimization and prevention of hazardous and other wastes.


The training activities have the following objectives:

  • Support to Parties to implement policies, legislation and other tools to implement the ESM framework such as Extended Producers Responsibilities (EPR) policies, certification schemes and waste prevention strategies with the objective of enhancing the ESM of hazardous and other wastes;
  • Promote the dissemination and pilot testing of new technical guidelines, such as on e-waste and on POPs wastes, ESM guidance, including best practices and best available technologies;
  • Support Parties in the development of inventories and ESM management plans and strategies for priority waste streams, such as:
  • Provide technical inputs and facilitation in the development of in projects led by partners.

The training activities target Basel convention focal points and competent authorities, Basel and Stockholm regional centres, Parties of the Basel and Stockholm conventions and relevant stakeholders.

Training and Capacity Building

  • Regional workshops to support environmentally sound management of hazardous and other wastes focusing on priority waste streams in 2016; and 2017;
  • Webinars and online training sessions on enhancing ESM of hazardous and other wastes be organized prior and after the workshops and also upon request of Parties;
  • Technical support to develop and implement capacity building projects for the promoting the ESM framework, the ESM of priority hazardous waste streams and the Cartagena declaration will be provided, upon request.
  • Pilot projects to test the guidance documents developed by the EWG on ESM