Small intersessional working group

The Small intersessional working group (SIWG) on the technical guidelines for the identification and environmentally sound management (ESM) of plastic wastes and for their disposal was established pursuant to paragraph 20 of decision BC-14/13.

  • The SIWG is open in nature and consists of members nominated by Parties from the five regional groups of the United Nations and is open to observers;
  • The SIWG shall call upon additional experts as needed, subject to the availability of resources;
  • The working language of the group shall be English and the group shall otherwise organize its working modalities according to the rules of procedure of the Basel Convention;
  • The SIWG organizes informal online meetings and/or face-to-face meetings, as applicable and necessary.

Members of the SIWG

Name Country
Mr. Karim Ouamane Algeria
Ms. Marcela Zamorano 
Mr. Agustin Harte  Argentina
Mr. Luk Umans Belgium
Ms. Julie Croteau  Canada
Mr. Christopher Mariano Canada
Mr. Cristian Brito Martinez Chile
Ms. Nana Zhao China
Ms. Victoria Zhang China
Mr. Yang Zheng
Mr. Adel Shafei Othman Egypt
Mr. Gaël de Rotalier European Commission
Mr. Yorg Aerts European Commission
Mr. Peter Wessman European Commission
Ms. Franziska Krüger Germany
Mr. Michael Ernst Germany
Ms. Juliane Koch-Jugl
Ms. Karen Watson Guyana
Mr. Satyendra Kumar
Mr. Daiki Kurata Japan
Ms. Seika Sanno Japan
Mr. Toru Terai Japan
Ms. Kamilah Wan Zaid Malaysia
Ms. Fenny Wong Nyuk Nyin
Mr. Oumar Diaoure Cisse Mali
Mr. Oludayo Olusegun Dada Nigeria
Mr. Babajide Alo Nigeria
Mr. Bernt Sigmund Ringvold  Norway
Mr. Ole Thomas Thommesen Norway
Mr. Mazhar Hayat Pakistan
Ms. Yuliana Vidal Villaorduña  Peru
Mr. Luis Villasana Virguez Peru
Ms. Nanette Laure Seychelles
Ms. Åsa Stenmarck
Mr. Patrick McKell UK
Ms. Gabriela Medina

Observers of the SIWG

Name Organization
Mr. Stewart Harris American Chemistry Council
Mr. Jay West American Chemistry Council
Mr. Jim Puckett Basel Action Network (BAN)
Mr. Eugenio Longo 
Ms. Susan Winter CECA Group
Mr. David Azoulay Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL)
Mr. Klaus Hieromi CER GmbH
Ms. Lighea Speziale
Mr. Lorenzo Ceccherini
Mr. Ram Charitra Sah 
CEPHED, Nepal 
EX research institute
EX research institute
Mr. Richard Holt Fluoro Council
Ms. Edyta Lam Fluoro Council
Mr. Keith Petra Fluoro Council
Mr. Steve Wong
Fukutomi recycling Ltd.
Ms. Sirine Rached
Ms. Maria Tsakona
Grid Arendal
Ms. Ieva Rucevska
Grid Arendal
Ms. Isabelle Pace Hazardous Waste Europe
Mr. Alain Heidelberger Hazardous Waste Europe
Mr. Naji Kodeih  IndyACT, Lebanon 
Ms. Adina Renee Adler Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. (ISRI)
Ms. Sara Brosche IPEN
Mr. Lee Bell IPEN
Mr. Jindrich Petrlik IPEN
Mr. Kouassi Richard M'Bra IPEN
Mr. Patrick de Kort Plastics Recyclers Europe
Ms. Anne-Gaelle Collot PlasticsEurope
Ms. Emilie Winch US (Department of State)
Ms. Larke Williams US (Department of State)
Ms. Lia Yohannes US-EPA
Ms. Susan Robinson WM - Director of Sustainability Waste Management
Mr. Ralph Schneider World Plastics Council