Project group 3 activities

Project group 3 on transboundary movements of plastic wastes was established by the Plastic waste partnership working group. Four activities are foreseen in the workplan of project group 3:

Activity 1. Develop and undertake capacity building activities for implementation of the amendments to the Convention on plastic waste by relevant actors, including customs, and on linkages with the customs codes on plastics;

Activity 2. Collection of information on actions taken by countries to implement the amendments to the Convention on plastic waste, on their interpretation of these amendments (e.g. “almost exclusively” and “almost free from contamination”) and on the challenges experienced in preparing for implementation;

Activity 3. Collect information, including on best practices, on enforcement in relation to transboundary movements of plastic waste;

Activity 4. Collect information on the transboundary movements of plastic wastes.

Activities 1 and 2 were considered as priority by project group 3 and subgroups have been established to implement them.

Information on national and international specifications

As part of activity 2, a call for information has been made on national and international specifications related to “almost free from contamination and other types of wastes” and “almost exclusively” for shipments of plastic waste destined for recycling, as referred to in decision BC-14/12. Information received so far from members of the PWP working group is presented below.

A questionnaire on the implementation of the plastic waste amendments has also been issued to collect further information from Parties and stakeholders.

Information received on national and international specifications

  • Parties
  • Observers