Project groups and activities

At its first face-to-face meeting and in line with its terms of reference, the Basel Convention Plastic Waste Partnership (PWP) working group established four project groups to support the implementation of its workplan.


The terms of reference for the Basel Convention Plastic Waste Partnership (PWP) stipulate that the Partnership shall be organized through a working group, established by the Conference of the Parties to the Basel Convention in its decision BC-14/13, and project groups to be established by the working group. The project groups are to work on specific tasks to assist in the undertaking of activities falling within the mandate of the working group. The activities of the project groups are overseen by the working group and all work products prepared by project groups are subject to review and approval by the working group.

Establishment of the project groups

At its first face-to-face meeting, the PWP working group decided to establish four project groups and nominated the co-chairs for each project group. The co-chairs are shown in the table below

Members of the project groups

Any member of the working group wishing to join one or several of the project groups should inform the Secretariat accordingly. The current list of members can be found in the table below.

Next steps and implementation of activities

The working group also agreed on the activities in the workplans of the project groups of the PWP for the biennium 2020-2021 (see table below). Following the meeting, the project groups were requested to complete their respective workplans, including by identifying examples for pilot projects related to the activities therein. On this basis, the Secretariat will prepare a call for proposals (further information will be available shortly). Activities are to be initiated as soon as possible. Supported by the Secretariat, the project groups will work intersessionally by electronic means.

Project group Co-chairs Members Workplan
1. Plastic waste prevention and minimization  Mr. Tom Pye (United Kingdom)
Mr. David Wagger (Institute of Scrap
Recycling Industries)
2. Plastic waste collection, recycling and other
recovery including financing and related markets 
Mr. Marco Buletti (Switzerland)
Mr. Shahriar Hossain (Environment and
Social Development Organisation)
3. Transboundary movements of plastic waste  Ms. Zhe (Victoria) Zhang (China)
Mr. Zaigham Abbas (Pakistan)
Mr. Alberto Santos Capra (Basel Convention
Regional Centre for South America in Argentina)
4. Outreach, education and awareness-raising Ms. Jewel Joy Batchasingh
(Basel Convention Regional Centre for Training
and Technology Transfer for the Caribbean Region)
Mr. Nelson Manda
(United Nations Institute for Training and Research) 

The activities are to be undertaken in close cooperation with other activities under the Basel Convention and other organizations, as appropriate, so as to enhance synergies, increase efficiency and avoid duplication of efforts. In undertaking their activities, the project groups will explore, where applicable, innovative approaches and work in cooperation with other stakeholders. The project groups will duly consider geographical, local, national and regional conditions and circumstances insofar as they may be relevant to the respective activities.