Small intersessional working group

The Small intersessional working group (SIWG) on the strategic framework was established by the thirteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties.

By its Decision BC-13/1, the Conference of the Parties established the SIWG on the strategic framework and entrusted it to undertake several activities leading to the preparation of a report on the final evaluation of the strategic framework for the consideration of the Conference of the Parties at its fifteenth meeting. The Conference of the Parties also decided that:

  • The SIWG is open in nature and consists of ten members nominated by Parties based on equitable geographical representation of the five regional groups of the United Nations and will be open to observers;
  • The SIWG shall call upon additional experts as needed, subject to the availability of resources;
  • The SIWG shall elect its own co-chairs;
  • The working language of the group shall be English and the group shall otherwise organize its working modalities according to the rules of procedure of the Basel Convention;
  • The SIWG will organize one face-to-face meeting during the 2020-2021 biennium, unless otherwise decided by the Conference of the Parties at its fourteenth meeting.

Each regional group was invited to nominate from Parties, through its Bureau representative and by 31 July 2017, two members of the small intersessional working group with specific knowledge and expertise in the evaluation of strategic plans, programmes, treaties or the national implementation of the Basel Convention.

Members of the SIWG

Mr. Florisvindo Furtado (Cabo Verde)
Mr. Abderrazak Marzouki (Tunisia) 

Asia and Pacific States:
Dr. Chaiyod BUNYAGIDJ (Thailand)
Mr Zaghluoul SAMHAN (State of Palestine)

Central and Eastern Europe:
Ms. Irma GURGULIANI (Georgia)

Latin America and the Caribbean:
Ms. Irina Talamoni (Argentina)
Ms. Jenny Arias Pastrano (Ecuador)

Western European and other States
Ms. Sophie BERNIER (Canada)
Mr. Patrick McKell (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)

Observers of the SIWG

Ms. Ariana Rozenek (Argentina)
Mr. Maxime Dubé (Canada)