Joint meeting between the BC and SC regional centres and FAO and UNEP regional offices

Geneva, Switzerland, on 3 October 2012

Venue: International Environment House -2, Geneva, Switzerland

This Joint meeting between the Basel and Stockholm conventions regional centres and FAO and UNEP regional offices was held on 3 October 2012 at the International Environment House 2, Geneva. In addition to the Basel and the Stockholm Conventions regional centres, UNEP regional offices and FAO regional and subregional offices have been identified by COPs of the Basel, Rotterdam and the Stockholm conventions as the institutions to work together in providing technical assistance and technology transfer at regional and local levels. The joint meeting is expected to review and follow up on the activities that have been taken place after their first joint meeting held in 2010. Promoting information exchange, including sharing of their experiences by these regional entities is expected during this meeting. Consolidation and mobilization of the regional expertise and other available resources will certainly provide benefit to the parties in the region.

Meeting Summary

The meeting discussed on the opportunity to expand of the networking between regional centres with the existing network of cleaner production centres to foster collaboration in providing technical assistance in the management of hazardous chemicals and wastes. A presentation on the network of national cleaner production centre was made by the UNIDO representative.

The meeting in another session discussed on existing enforcement networks with brief overviews from Interpol, INECE, IMPEL, Asian Network and WCO. It was realized during this meeting that there were strong commonalities among all stakeholders and the regional centres in combating illegal traffic of hazardous chemicals and wastes. The meeting exhibited the possibilities of networking of Regional Centres, as regional delivery mechanism and enforcement partners.

Meeting Documents

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