Thirteenth meeting of the Basel Convention Implementation and Compliance Committee

Working documents

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Items: 10  
UNEP/CHW/CC.13/1Provisional agenda58.08 K 126.42 K
UNEP/CHW/CC.13/3Evaluation of the amendment to paragraph 9 (c) of the terms of reference73.67 K 165.55 K
UNEP/CHW/CC.13/4/Add.3National reporting: Guidance on improving national reporting172.04 K 1.13 MB
UNEP/CHW/CC.13/5Illegal traffic85.68 K 331.77 K
UNEP/CHW/CC.13/6National legislation66.72 K 200.1 K
UNEP/CHW/CC.13/6/Add.1National legislation: Guide for the development of national legal frameworks198.84 K 771.19 K
UNEP/CHW/CC.13/7Insurance, bond, guarantee1.82 MB 1.73 MB
UNEP/CHW/CC.13/8Control system366.22 K 544.47 K
UNEP/CHW/CC.13/9Review of the operation of the implementation fund144.58 K 429.98 K
UNEP/CHW/CC.13/10Work programme for 2020−202168.13 K 208 K