Implementation and Compliance Committee 9 Documents


CC 9 Working Documents

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UNEP/CHW/CC.9/1Provisional agenda303 K 33.33 K
UNEP/CHW/CC.9/1/Add.1Annotations to the provisional agenda (Reissued for technical reasons)311 K 49.27 K
UNEP/CHW/CC.9/6Individual compliance performance1.04 MB 198.68 K
UNEP/CHW/CC.9/7Tools and training to improve national reporting140.5 K 59.9 K
UNEP/CHW/CC.9/8Guidance on the development of inventories973.5 K 495.84 K
UNEP/CHW/CC.9/9Dialogue with other compliance bodies306 K 38.42 K
UNEP/CHW/CC.9/10National legislation468 K 155.89 K
UNEP/CHW/CC.9/11Cooperative arrangements on preventing and combating illegal traffic413 K 117.28 K
UNEP/CHW/CC.9/12Take-back provision535 K 235 K
UNEP/CHW/CC.9/13Activities386 K 88.07 K
UNEP/CHW/CC.9/14Insurance, bond, guarantee115 K 33.94 K
UNEP/CHW/CC.9/15Control system311 K 40.79 K
UNEP/CHW/CC.9/16Report of the ninth meeting of the Basel Convention Implementation and Compliance Committee (Geneva, 8-9 November 2012)420.5 K 131.29 K

CC 9 Information Documents

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UNEP/CHW/CC.9/INF/1Tentative schedule for the meeting355.5 K 46.49 K
UNEP/CHW/CC.9/INF/2Communications pertaining to establishing a dialogue with other compliance bodies2.85 MB 891.92 K
UNEP/CHW/CC.9/INF/3/Rev.1Comments received from parties and others on the Committee’s draft terms of reference for cooperative arrangements on preventing and combating illegal traffic2.99 MB 719.48 K
UNEP/CHW/CC.9/INF/4Take-back provision: responses from parties and examples of take-backs809 K 701.58 K
UNEP/CHW/CC.9/INF/5List of pre-session documents by agenda item351 K 42.21 K