Side Events

Up to two side events can be held in parallel during lunch breaks and in the evenings following the plenary sessions. If more requests for side events are received than there are slots available, organizers of side events may be invited to organize joint events. Please contact the Secretariat for questions related to the Side Event: Ms. Kei Ohno Woodall (

Tentative schedule of the side events:

  Tuesday, 16 September Wednesday, 17 September Thursday, 18 September Friday, 19 September

Lunch time


13:15 – 14:45

Event 1: PACE side event

Room 3

Organized by Partnership for Action on Computing Equipment (PACE) Working Group

Contact: Mr. Marco Buletti and Mr. Oladele Osibanjo (co-chairs of PACE working group), Mr. Matthias Kern (Secretariat)


Event 1: Patent landscape of e-waste recycling technologies

Room 3

Organized by Argentina, Switzerland, World International Intellectual Property Organization

Contact: Mr. Alberto Capra (Argentina), Ms. Isabelle Baudin (Switzerland), Ms. Irene Kitsara (WIPO)


Event 1: Advancing ESM in the field: 3 ESM Pilot Projects and their impacts

Room 3

Organized by BCRC CAM, BCRC China & BRS

Contact: Mr. Miguel Araujo (BCRC CAM)



Event 2: Global Electronic Product Repair Practices in the High Tech Sector

Room 18

Organized by Information Technology Industry Council

Contact: Mr. Rick Goss(ITI)

Event 2: The Sustainable Recycling Industries (SRI) Programme

Room 18

Organized by Switzerland




18:15 – 19:45

Reception hosted by Switzerland

Informal meeting of the ENFORCE members

Room 15

Steering Committee of BCRC-Argentina

Room 15