Project group 1 activities

Project group 1 on prevention and minimization was established by the Plastic Waste Partnership working group. Four activities are foreseen in the workplan of project group 1:

Activity 1. Collect information, best practices and lessons learned on measures taken to prevent and reduce plastic waste, in particular on single use plastic waste and packaging waste, and analyse the impacts and challenges, including environmental, socio-economic and technical considerations.

Activity 2. Collect information on best practices and identify challenges for improving the design of plastic products to increase their durability, reusability, repairability and recyclability, as well as to reduce hazardous constituents in plastic products.

Activity 3. Collect information on best practices, challenges and opportunities on re-use of plastic products, especially packaging, including on identification of infrastructure development needs related to re-use, such as refill systems.

Activity 4. Collect information that allows for the comparison, including environmental and socio-economic aspects, between:

  • plastic products and alternatives to plastic products,
  • bio-based and non-bio-based plastic products, and
  • bio-degradable and non-bio-degradable plastic products,

taking into account a life-cycle approach.