Greening Customs for People, Planet and Prosperity: Transboundary Waste Management Training for Omani Customs & Border Enforcement Officers

Muscat, Oman, from 28 to 29 May 2023

Objectives: The purpose of the training is to strengthen the capacities of the competent authority to the Basel Convention, customs and border control officers, law enforcement officers operational at ports and borders in Oman with a view of promoting the effective control of transboundary movement of waste and building capacity to prevent cases of illegal traffic.

Organizers: This training is jointly organized by the Secretariat of the Basel Convention (SBC)  and the Green Customs Initiative hosted by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), , the Environmental Authority of the Sultanate of Oman in cooperation with  Oman Environmental Services Holding Company (Be’ah).

Working languages: English /Arabic

Meeting objectives: The objectives of the workshop include increasing the knowledge and skills of the target audience on the following:

  • Introduction to multilateral environmental agreements and their implementation in West Asia;
  • The Basel Convention with a focus on transboundary movements of hazardous and other wastes;
  • Targeting and examination of relevant trade documents;
  • Performing risk management and intelligence for enforcement;
  • Dealing with illegal traffic and trade of hazardous and other wastes in Oman;
  • Sharing of national practices in preventing and combatting traffic in hazardous and other wastes.

Target audience: This training will target the representatives from Environmental Authority, Customs and Border Enforcement Officers in Oman.

Contact information

For questions pertaining to this training, please contact Ms Tatiana Terekhova (,the Secretariat of the Basel Convention; Ms Aphrodite Smagadi (, UNEP.