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Webinars are live training events, open to the public through the web.

Participants can join and interact with experts to gain experience in the implementation of the Basel Convention. Webinar presentations are recorded and available for download, including a transcript of the questions and answers raised during the sessions. Webinar training sessions present case studies and training units that the Secretariat delivers during face-to-face training courses, opening access to information on the Convention to a larger number of stakeholders. 

The webinar library provides recorded training units and information sessions on several thematic areas such as: new Basel Convention technical guidelines, case of illegal traffic of hazardous wastes, best practices for the ESM of hazardous and other waste, briefings on the meetings of the Conference of the Parties and of the working bodies under the Convention, etc. Connecting to the webinar sessions is easy. A webinars users' guide explains how to connect and join a webinar. See our statistics on webinar participation from different regions.

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