Fact Sheet: European Network of Prosecutors for the Environment (ENPE)


Date of establishment 2012
Legal basis Informal agreement between prosecutors from Belgium, Finland, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK
Objective To help practitioners to connect; to share experiences and data on environmental crime; and to look at crucial issues linked to the environment and human health
Nature Non-profit association, it is expected that at a later date a more formal structure will be established
Membership Prosecutors from the member states of the European Union dealing with environmental criminal cases (list of members dated July 6th 2012 : 32 prosecutors– Registration upon ordinary request)
Observers N/A
Geographical scope European Union member States
Substantive scope Any environmental crime
Governance structure Based on the model of Forum of Judges for the Environment i.e. chaired by a Chairperson and managed by a Board (still to be established)
Cooperation ENPE will support the work of the Secretariat of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions, INTERPOL, Europol, UNEP and INECE (see INECE Global Network of Environmental Prosecutors and Interpol fact sheets).
Activities Sharing of information and experiences, looking at issues related to the environment and public health.
Source of funding We now did not get any funds
Contact information Mr. Jean Philippe Rivaud, Deputy General Prosecutor / Former judge,  Senior Prosecutor, head of the environmental crimes department,  Court of appeal, Amiens, France
Website http://www.environmentalprosecutors.eu