E-waste Asia-Pacific region Project

The Nairobi Declaration on the Environmentally Sound Management of Electrical and Electronic Waste, adopted at COP8 and decision IX/6 adopted by the ninth meeting of the Conference of the Parties gave a mandate to the Secretariat to implement a work plan for the environmentally sound management of e-waste.

The work plan includes technical assistance programmes of activities for the environmentally sound management of e-waste in Africa, in Asia Pacific and in South America. In addition, a public-private Partnership for Action on Computing Equipment (PACE) was established.

Activities in Asia Pacific include activities aimed at assisting Parties to develop national inventories of e-waste; national e-waste management plans and formulate e-waste policies; regulatory frameworks and strategies for implementation; as well as develop pilot projects on collection and recycling of e-waste involving public-private partnerships.

Summary Report
Workshop Agenda
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