1th face-to-face meeting of the Informal Group on Household Waste


The meeting was organized by the Secretariat with support of the Basel Convention Coordinating Centre for Latin America and the Caribbean Region in Uruguay.

Meeting Objectives

Members were expected, inter alia, to discuss matters related to the activities of the informal group and the preparation of documents for submission to the 13th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Basel Convention.

Target Audience

The first meeting of the informal group was open to parties and others that indicated to the Secretariat their interest in actively participating in the group.

Meeting Documents


Items: 10Load time table: 1404.031 msec      
UNEP/CHW/COP.12/BC-12/13Decision BC-12/13: Creating innovative solutions through the Basel Convention for the environmentally sound management of household waste  255.5 K 13.42 K   
UNEP/CHW/COP.13/BC-13/14 15.61 K 60.45 K 16.25 K 158.8 K 15.86 K 16.3 K 16.64 K 16.14 K 14.76 K 85.03 K 16.46 K 15.79 K
UNEP/CHW/IGHW.1/1Provisional Agenda  86.54 K 65.55 K   
UNEP/CHW/IGHW.1/1/Add.1Provisional Annotated Agenda  93.3 K 119.55 K   
UNEP/CHW/IGHW.1/2Draft Terms of Reference  103.94 K 183.14 K   
UNEP/CHW/IGHW.1/3Report of the meeting  114.29 K 217.01 K   
UNEP/CHW/OEWG.10/INF/14UNEP/CHW/OEWG.10/INF/14: Draft concept note for a household waste partnership  129.5 K 64.52 K   
UNEP/EA.2/RES/11Resolution UNEA 2/11: Marine plastic litter and microplastics  56.36 K   
UNEP/EA.2/RES/11/AgendaItem3Agenda item 3: Annex - UNEA 2 Resolution 2/7 on Sound Management of Chemicals and Waste  234.29 K   
UNEP/EA.2/RES/7Resolution UNEA 2/7: Sound management of chemicals and waste (advance)  145.61 K   

Information for Participants

Logistic note for the meeting (English)


The meeting was for members and observers of the informal group upon invitation only.

Contact information

Matthias Kern: matthias.kern@brsmeas.org.