Illegal Traffic

Within the framework of its mandate to improve the implementation of and compliance of the Basel Convention provisions on preventing and combating illegal traffic, the Committee is to develop, including through consultations with the Open-ended Working Group, guidance on the take-back provision under paragraph 2 of Article 9, and develop guidance on the implementation of paragraphs 3 and 4 of Article 9 of the Convention and integrate the two sets of guidance into one document, for consideration and possible adoption by the Conference of the Parties at its thirteenth meeting.

This activity of the 2016-2017 work programme of the Committee is a continuation of its work initiated under its 2012-2013 and 2014-2015 work programmes. The Conference of the Parties, at its twelfth meeting considered the guidance on the illegal traffic take-back provision (paragraph 2 of Article 9) submitted by the Committee and decided by its decision BC-12/7 to mandate the Committee to continue its work on the matter, as well as to extend the scope of the guidance to paragraphs 3 and 4 of Article 9.

In July 2015, the Committee sought views of Parties on their implementation of paragraphs 3 and 4 of Article 9 of the Convention through a questionnaire available in English, French and Spanish.

The responses received from Parties are set out in the table below.

The matter was further considered by the Committee during its twelfth meeting at what time the Committee requested the Secretariat to:

(a) Prepare by 15 August 2016 revised draft guidance taking into account the outcome of the consultations with the OEWG as well as the outcome of the Committee's consideration of the guidance during its twelfth meeting;

(b) Circulate the new draft guidance to Parties and others with an invitation to comment thereon by 10 September 2016;

(c) Prepare final draft guidance by 30 September 2016 taking into account comments received from Parties and others, for consideration by the Conference of the Parties at its thirteenth meeting.

In a letter dated 22 August 2016, the Secretariat invited Parties and others to comment by 10 September 2016 on the new draft guidance on the implementation of the Basel Convention provisions dealing with illegal traffic (draft of 19 August 2016). The comments received are set out in the table below.

The draft guidance finalized by the Committee was submitted to the consideration of the Conference of the Parties during its thirteenth meeting in May 2017 at what time it was adopted with minor amendments by Decision BC-13/9. The text of the guidance on the implementation of the Basel Convention provisions dealing with illegal traffic (paragraphs 2, 3 and 4 of Article 9), as adopted, in set out in the Annex to document UNEP/CHW.13/9/Add.1/Rev.1 available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.     

Comments from Parties and others on the guidance on the implementation of the Basel Convention provisions dealing with illegal traffic (draft of 19 August 2016)

Items: 7  
9/16/2015Canada616.03 K
9/6/2015European Union1.78 MB
9/6/2015European Union487.06 K
9/19/2015Malaysia51.77 K
9/16/2015Myanmar209.58 K
9/14/2015New Zealand136.54 K
9/21/2015Switzerland35.62 K

Responses from parties to the July 2015 questionnaire

Items: 113     
AlgeriaResponse from Algeria9/9/201575.75 K  
AndorraResponse from Andorra with Attachment8/31/2015  295.07 K
ArgentinaResponse from Argentina with Attachment8/27/2015  183.14 K
ArmeniaResponse from Armenia5/11/201572.12 K  
BahrainResponse from Bahrain9/25/201571.34 K  
BangladeshResponse from Bangladesh10/1/201576.37 K  
BelgiumResponse from Belgium9/14/201574.45 K  
Burkina FasoResponse from Burkina Faso with Attachment9/14/2015777.78 K  
Central African RepublicResponse from Central Africa Rep9/9/201571.83 K  
ColombiaResponse from Colombia9/15/201567.19 K  
Democratic Republic of the CongoResponse from Democratic Republic of the Congo9/14/201572.91 K  
CongoResponse from Republic Of Congo9/4/201576.53 K  
Costa RicaResponse from Costa Rica9/9/201572.74 K  
CyprusResponse from Cyprus10/7/201572.11 K  
DenmarkResponse from Denmark9/9/201575.63 K  
Dominican RepublicResponse from Dominican Repubic with Attachment9/30/2015918.39 K  
EgyptResponse from Egypt9/25/201573.1 K  
El SalvadorResponse from El Salvador with Attachment9/10/2015  670.9 K
EstoniaResponse from Estonia9/4/201571.03 K  
FranceResponse from France with attachment9/16/2015 96.27 K 
GambiaResponse from Gambia9/10/201574.73 K  
GermanyResponse from Germany8/25/201572.42 K  
GuatemalaResponse from Guatemala7/23/201576.28 K  
HondurasResponse from Honduras9/8/201572 K  
HungaryResponse from Hungary9/9/201574.25 K  
IrelandResponse from Ireland with Attachment10/13/2015174.05 K  
JamaicaResponse from Jamaica9/10/201569.92 K  
JapanResponse from Japan with Attachment9/14/2015201.22 K  
LithuaniaResponse from Lithuania10/5/201572.94 K  
MadagascarResponse from Madagascar with Attachment9/12/20151.43 MB  
MalaysiaResponse from Malaysia8/9/201578.91 K  
MonacoResponse from Monaco9/14/201570.36 K  
MontenegroResponse from Montenegro with Attachment9/10/201518.67 MB  
MyanmarResponse from Myanmar9/9/201569.83 K  
NepalResponse from Nepal9/4/201573.25 K  
NigeriaResponse from Nigeria9/30/201573.79 K  
OmanResponse from Oman9/10/201571.5 K  
PanamaResponse from Panama9/15/201570.17 K  
ParaguayResponse from Paraguay8/13/201571.88 K  
PhilippinesResponse from Philippines6/1/201623.22 K  
PortugalResponse from Portugal7/9/201571.42 K  
RomaniaResponse from Romania9/14/201570.08 K  
Russian FederationResponse from Russian Federation with attachment9/29/2015108.51 K  
RwandaResponse from Rwanda9/8/201572.3 K  
Sao Tome and PrincipeResponse from SaoTomePrincipe9/10/201570.98 K  
SerbiaResponse from Serbia with Attachment9/18/2015163.16 K  
SingaporeResponse from Singapore with Attachment10/7/2015492.09 K  
SlovakiaResponse from Slovakia8/12/201585.59 K  
Saint LuciaResponse from St Lucia8/14/201569.8 K  
SwitzerlandResponse from Switzerland12/7/201624.77 K  
Trinidad and TobagoResponse from Trinidad & Tobago8/19/201571.12 K  
TürkiyeResponse from Turkey10/12/201586.75 K  
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandResponse from United Kingdom9/9/201572.32 K  
YemenResponse from Yemen8/28/201573.9 K  
ZambiaResponse from Zambia with Attachment9/29/2015474.49 K  
AfghanistanResponse from Afghanistan6/30/2018233.72 K  
AlbaniaResponse from Albania6/29/2018231.21 K  
ArgentinaResponse from Argentina7/16/2018232.71 K  
ArmeniaResponse from Armenia6/28/2018231.62 K  
AzerbaijanResponse from Azerbaijan6/29/2018231.65 K  
BahrainResponse from Bahrain6/29/2018547.49 K  
 Response from BCRC Egypt6/30/2018233.72 K  
 Response from BCRC Russia7/24/2018243.61 K  
 Response from BCRC Senegal7/24/2018366.3 K  
 Response from BCRC Slovakia7/24/2018352.66 K  
 Response from BCRC Trinidad7/24/2018357.12 K  
BelgiumResponse from Belgium7/2/2018231.01 K  
BrazilResponse from Brazil6/28/2018235.3 K  
Brunei DarussalamResponse from Brunei Darussalam6/30/2018231.51 K  
Central African RepublicResponse from Central African Republic7/6/2018236.05 K  
ChadResponse from Chad7/8/2018227.91 K  
ColombiaResponse from Colombia6/29/2018232.33 K  
CongoResponse from Republic of the Congo7/3/2018233.31 K  
CroatiaResponse from Croatia6/29/2018231.73 K  
CubaResponse from Cuba6/27/2018231.54 K  
CyprusResponse from Cyprus6/27/2018231.24 K  
Democratic Republic of the CongoResponse from Democratic Republic of the Congo6/27/2018234.78 K  
El SalvadorResponse from El Salvador6/29/2018233.7 K  
EswatiniResponse from Eswatini6/29/2018654.59 K  
GabonResponse from Gabon6/29/2018362.73 K  
GermanyResponse from Germany6/28/2018234.4 K  
 Response from GRID-Arendal7/2/2018185.43 K  
HungaryResponse from Hungary7/3/2018232 K  
IraqResponse from Iraq6/30/2018235.15 K  
ItalyResponse from Italy7/6/2018231.25 K  
LiberiaResponse from Liberia6/28/2018357.66 K  
LuxembourgResponse from Luxembourg7/2/2018231.16 K  
MadagascarResponse from Madagascar6/28/2018235.4 K  
MalaysiaResponse from Malaysia6/29/2018231.5 K  
MexicoResponse from Mexico7/4/2018234.4 K  
Republic of MoldovaResponse from Republic of Moldova7/12/2018227.58 K  
MontenegroResponse from Montenegro7/3/2018231.44 K  
MyanmarResponse from Myanmar7/3/201884.8 K  
PakistanResponse from Pakistan7/3/20183.17 MB  
State of PalestineResponse from State of Palestine6/27/2018232.56 K  
ParaguayResponse from Paraguay6/27/2018231.93 K  
QatarResponse from Qatar7/4/2018232.52 K  
Russian FederationResponse from Russian Federation7/9/2018226.69 K  
RwandaResponse from Rwanda6/30/2018232.7 K  
Saint LuciaResponse from Saint Lucia7/4/2018232.65 K  
Sao Tome and PrincipeResponse from Sao Tome and Principe6/30/2018288.91 K  
Saudi ArabiaResponse from Saudi Arabia7/7/2018228.22 K  
SenegalResponse from Senegal7/7/2018362.21 K  
SpainResponse from Spain6/19/2018231.07 K  
ThailandResponse from Thailand6/30/2018231.54 K  
TogoResponse from Togo7/6/2018227.84 K  
United Arab EmiratesResponse from United Arab Emirates7/10/2018227.36 K  
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandResponse from United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland7/5/2018234.5 K  
 Response from UNEP Law Division6/28/2018465.7 K  
 Response from UNICRI6/7/2018244.62 K  
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)Response from Venezuela6/29/2018232.5 K  
YemenResponse from Yemen7/9/2018228.75 K  
ZimbabweResponse from Zimbabwe6/13/2018232.62 K