Cases of Illegal Traffic

The Conference of the Parties invites Parties to report confirmed cases of illegal traffic to the Secretariat using the form for confirmed cases of illegal traffic. Since the tenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties, the Secretariat is requested to make available on the Convention website the forms for confirmed cases of illegal traffic that are submitted. See decisions BC-10/13, BC-11/10, BC-12/8 and BC-13/10.

Note: Information contained on this page is presented as submitted by Parties, as requested by the Conference of the Parties. It is without prejudice to the views of any other Parties or States concerned about the application of the Basel Convention, the existence and extent of treaty relations, and whether the transboundary movement(s) in question constitute(s) illegal traffic. For further information on the status of the Convention as well as any communication made by Parties or States to the Depositary in relation to the Convention, please visit the website of the Depositary of the Convention. For any additional information, you are invited to contact the Competent Authorities of the States concerned by the relevant transboundary movement.

Confirmed cases of illegal traffic reported by Parties

For the years 2016 and onwards, Parties also have the opportunity to report “Cases of illegal traffic which have been closed in the reporting year” by completing and transmitting table 9 of the revised reporting format. For more information, visit the national reporting pages of the website.

Items: 9Files: 9
Belgium - Form transmitted November 2019
80.5 K
Brazil – Form transmitted April 2012
236.32 K
Brazil, Spain -Form transmitted December 2011
334.1 K
Brazil, United Kindom -Form transmitted April 2009
1.71 MB
El Salvador – Form transmitted November 2023
707.44 K
Germany (Schleswig-Holstein region) – Form transmitted July 2012
379.25 K
Sri Lanka - Form transmitted October 2020
7.73 MB
State of Palestine, Form transmitted January 2018
2.16 MB
State of Palestine, Form transmitted May 2017
1.8 MB