2nd meeting of the Environmental Network for Optimizing Regulatory Compliance on Illegal Traffic (ENFORCE)


The meeting was organized by the Secretariat with support of the Stockholm Convention Regional Centre, Brazil.

Meeting Objectives

Members were expected to inter alia, elect a new chair and a vice-chair, consider accepting additional members, exchange information on activities and identify activities that would benefit from being coordinated or jointly planned and implemented, and to deliberate on the modalities for the operation of the network.

Target Audience

In accordance with its terms of reference, the second meeting of the ENFORCE was open to its appointed members and to approved additional members and observers.


Members elected a chair and a vice-chair, welcomed an additional member, exchanged information on activities and adopted an updated roadmap of activities.


  • Working documents
  • Information documents
  • Presentations

Information for Participants

Logistic note for the meeting (English)


The meeting is for members and observers of the ENFORCE upon invitation only. Registration of members and observers will open at 9:15h on Tuesday, 3 May 2016.

Contact information

Matthias Kern: matthias.kern@brsmeas.org