Second meeting of the Small Intersessional Working Group on legal clarity

Meeting Documents

Document symbolTitleEnglish
Items: 8  
UNEP/CHW/CLI_SIWG.2/1Provisional agenda113.5 K 28.02 K
UNEP/CHW/CLI_SIWG.2/1/Add.1Annotations to the provisional agenda94.19 K 40.66 K
UNEP/CHW/CLI_SIWG.2/2Glossary of terms128 K 78.67 K
UNEP/CHW/CLI_SIWG.2/3Options for further steps towards the consistent interpretation of terminology110.12 K 45.31 K
UNEP/CHW/CLI_SIWG.2/4Report of the second meeting of the Small Intersessional Working Group on Legal Clarity (Konstanz, 25-26 January 2015)130.94 K 109.02 K
UNEP/CHW/CLI_SIWG.2/INF/1Tentative schedule for the meeting128.5 K 38.07 K
UNEP/CHW/CLI_SIWG.2/INF/2/Rev.1Comments received from parties and others3 MB 1.46 MB
UNEP/CHW/CLI_SIWG.2/INF/3List of participants103.49 K 42.82 K

Other Documents

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Items: 9  
UNEP/CHW/CLI_SIWG 2/2/SUBM/Germany20150123Comments from Germany on document UNEP/CHW/CLI_SIWG.2/2149.38 K
UNEP/CHW/OEWG/9/15Report of the Open-ended Working Group of the Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and their Disposal on the work of its ninth meeting237 K 368.88 K
UNEP/CHW/CLI_SIWG.2/SUBM/US20150123Comments from the USA474.19 K
UNEP/CHW/CLI_SIWG.2/3/SUBM/Germany20150123Comments from Germany on document UNEP/CHW/CLI_SIWG.2/3115.96 K
UNEP/CHW/OEWG.9/11Providing further legal clarity85.5 K 188.76 K
UNEP/CHW/OEWG.9/CRP.15Report of the co-chairs of the contact group on legal matters to the Open-ended Working Group40.65 K 12.28 K
UNEP/CHW/COP.11/BC-11/1Follow-up to the Indonesian-Swiss country-led initiative to improve the effectiveness of the Basel Convention43.5 K 36.15 K
UNEP/CHW/OEWG.9/INF/20Draft glossary of terms and recommendations from the small intersessional working group on legal clarity126 K 91.02 K
UNEP/CHW/OEWG.9/INF/21Comments from parties and others on the draft glossary of terms prepared by the small intersessional working group on legal clarity11.3 MB 13.91 MB

Information for participants

Please click the link to access an information note on visiting Konstanz, Germany.