Comments received from Parties and others on low POP content values (as per decision BC-13/4, paragraph 10)

Submitter TitleEnglish
Items: 7  
European E-Waste Recyclers’ (EERA)European E-Waste Recyclers’ position - Low POP content limit for Deca-BDE and HBCDD371.43 K
European Recycling Industry’s Confederation (EuRIC)EuRIC comments - Low POP content limit value for decaBDE in plastic waste372.9 K
European Union and its Member StatesComments by the EU and its Member States on Low Persistent Organic Pollutant content values25.03 K
HBCD Industry and EUMEPSComments from the HBCD Industry and EUMEPS499.86 K
International Bromine Council (BSEF)BSEF position on the appropriate low POP content limit for Deca-BDE673.54 K
International POPs Elimination Network (IPEN)IPEN’s Submission on Low POPs Content Levels379.9 K
Russian FederationLetter, in Russian, which is presented here in its original format, followed by an unofficial translation into English753.38 K