Information submitted in preparation of the first meeting of the Plastic Waste Partnership (PWP) working group

Information to be provided

Deadlines for submission

Establishment of project groups

Views on proposed project groups and whether additional groups should be established 13 December 2019
Nominations for co-chairs of the project groups 17 January 2020
Project groups in which members are interested in participating Ongoing

Activities of project groups

Views on the activities (including possible pilot projects) that could be undertaken by each project group as a priority during the biennium 2020-2021, as well as the proposed outputs and outcomes of such activities, and their means of implementation. 13 December 2019

Building a baseline on plastics and plastic waste

Information on the production and uses of plastics (including by type and sector), the amount of plastic wastes generated and the fate and disposal pathways for such wastes, at the national, regional and global levels. 13 December 2019

Stocktaking of plastic waste initiatives

Information on:
  • national, regional and global initiatives that aim to address the problem of plastic waste pollution, including information on their objectives, membership and activities.
  • those initiatives with which the PWP working group could cooperate in undertaking its activities. 
13 December 2019

Comments received from members

Items: 22  
AlgeriaBaseline Information1.1 MB
AlgeriaProject group activities14.49 K
ArgentinaInputs from Argentina805.63 K
BCRC ArgentinaComments by BCRC Argentina14.17 K
BCRC ArgentinaTable of legislation Argentina plastics14.59 K
CanadaBC plastic partnership comments654.66 K
EU and its Member StatesContribution for the PWP44.92 K
GermanyInitiatives on plastic waste70.96 K
IPEN, ESCO, CIEL, BANCommenst BC Plastic Waste Partnership joint submission107.75 K
IsraelPlastic baseline for Basel Convention2.44 MB
Stockholm Convention Regional Centre SpainPlastic initiatives202.66 K
SwedenPlastic waste initiatives21.57 K
SwedenProduction and uses of plastics in Sweden734.54 K
SwitzerlandPWP Basel Convention Comments Switzerland27.93 K
Trinidad and TobagoBasel PWP submission to call for infomation21.67 K
UNEPUN Environment initiatives around prevention of Plastics Pollution of the Environment78.34 K
United KingdomComments from the UK on the proposals by the co-chairs of the Basel Convention Plastic Waste Partnership24.13 K
United KingdomPlastics waste data15.28 K
United KingdomStocktaking of plastic waste initiatives34.51 K
United KingdomWrap plastic report data32.3 K
USAComments for Plastic Waste Partnership149.74 K
ZimbabwePlastic Waste18.38 K