Decisions taken by the Conference of the Parties

Items: 6 Files: 12
BC-13/17Work programme and operations of the Open-ended Working Group for the biennium 2018–201921.23 K34.21 K
BC-14/12Amendments to Annexes II, VIII and IX to the Basel Convention20.74 K115.96 K
BC-14/13Further actions to address plastic waste under the Basel Convention23.62 K123.21 K
BC-15/15Further consideration of plastic waste18.77 K134.91 K
BC-15/18Amendments to Annexes II, VIII and IX to the Basel Convention21.49 K163.81 K
BC-16/11Further consideration of plastic waste16.25 K126.7 K

Decisions taken by the Open-ended Working Group

Items: 2 Files: 4
OEWG-11/7Amendment to Annex IX to the Basel Convention15.76 K10.17 K
OEWG-11/8Marine plastic litter and microplastics20.8 K96.36 K