As part of its technical assistance, the Secretariat is currently implementing various projects to strengthen capacities for the control of transboundary movements (TBM), environmentally sound management (ESM), and prevention and minimization of the generation of plastic waste.

The project ‘Marine litter and microplastics: promoting the environmentally sound management of plastic waste and achieving the prevention and minimization of the generation of plastic waste’ (BRS-Norad-1), seeks to prevent and significantly reduce marine litter and microplastics by strengthening capacity in Ghana and Sri Lanka. Activities in Bangladesh are currently on hold.

Building upon the BRS-Norad-1 project, the project ‘Further actions to address plastic waste under the Basel Convention’ (BRS-Norad-2) aims to assist partner countries to improve their management of plastic waste and ultimately contribute to Sustainable Development Goal target 14.1.

The project ‘Plastic Waste in Remote and Mountainous Areas’ aims to aims to strengthen capacity and awareness in remote and mountainous areas to reduce the amounts of plastic waste and to ensure its environmentally sound management (ESM).

The project ‘Strengthening knowledge and capacity to prevent and reduce releases of plastic waste in Malawi and Zimbabwe’ aims to protect human health and the environment from plastic waste by strengthening knowledge and capacity among decision makers in Malawi and Zimbabwe.