Consultations and meetings

First meeting of the Basel Convention Plastic Waste Partnership working group

Background: At its fourteenth meeting in 2019, the Conference of the Parties (COP) to the Basel Convention, through Decision BC-14/13, decided to establish a working group of the Basel Convention Partnership on Plastic Waste (PWP).

Working language: English 

First online consultation of the working group: Basel Convention Partnership on Plastic waste, 13 November 2019

Background: The consultation meeting will be chaired by the Co-Charis of the Partnership, Mr. Ole Thomas Thommesen and Mr. Ross Bartley, and will be facilitated by the BRS-Secretariat. The agenda of the consultation and additional documents will shortly be shortly uploaded to this page.

Working language: English

Provisional agenda and registration on Webex platform.

Workshop on the Environmentally Sound Management of Plastic Wastes for the prevention of marine litter and plastic pollution, 19 - 21 June 2019

Background: The second workshop of a series organized by the BRS Secretariat to raise awareness of marine litter pollution caused by plastics. The workshop participants will share knowledge and tools available for the Environmentally Sound Management (ESM) of plastic wastes.

Working language: English