Terms of Reference of the Follow-up Partnership to the Partnership for Action on Computing Equipment

In this decision BC-14/19 Part I, among others, the Conference of the Parties requested the working group of the Partnership to prepare a revised version of both the terms of reference and the programme of work, and taking into account comments from Parties and others, to submit them for consideration by the Open-Ended Working Group at its twelfth meeting (OEWG-12). During the online session of the OEWG-12, in September 2020, updated Terms of and were presented to the members, who decided to receive comments on them, until 15 October 2020. The Terms of Reference and the Programme of Work of the Partnership, as commented by 15 October 2020, were submitted to the face-to-face segment of OWEG12[1]. The Terms of Reference were further revised by the OEWG12 and were adopted in decision OWEG12/1.

As an activity of the Programme of work of the Partnership, for 2020-2021, adopted by OEWG12, the working group was tasked with the development of a document on suggestions to amend the TORs, notably on adding further types of e-waste to the scope and draft workplan for 2022-2023.  

    1. Television screens, including CRT, LCD and LED screens; video and audio equipment.
    2. Refrigerators.
    3. Cooling and heating equipment.

The proposal is included in Annexes I (TORs) and II (POW22-23) of document UNEP/CHW/OWEG.12/INF/37 Rev.1.


[1] Annex I to document UNEP/CHW/OWEG.12/INF/37 Rev.1.