Partnership for Action on Challenges relating to E-waste

From June 2022, the Follow-up Partnership to PACE has a new name and a new mandate:

With the adoption of decision BC-15/22 Part I, the Parties to the Basel Convention changed the name of the Follow-up Partnership to PACE into “Partnership for Action on Challenges relating to E-waste”, abbreviated PACE II. The new name reflects the enlarged scope of the partnership which is now encompassing new e-waste streams:

The PACE II partnership will focus on used and waste:

•  Mobile phones
•  Computing equipment
•  TV screens including LEDs, LCD, CRTs screens, audio and video equipment
•  Refrigerators, cooling and heating equipment.

In addition, PACE II will continue to promote the development of policies for the Environmentally Sound Management (ESM) of e-waste, such as Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) policy schemes.

After the conclusion of PACE (Partnership for Action on Computing Equipment), in 2017, a new partnership was established, in 2019, by decision BC-14/19 Part I: the Follow up Partnership to PACE, focused on used and waste mobile phones and computing equipment as well as on policies for the ESM of e-waste. The new name, PACE II, marks the enlargement of the scope of the Follow-up Partnership to PACE and a new mandate to develop guidance documents on environmentally sound refurbishment and repair of used and the ESM of waste TV screens, audio and video equipment, refrigerators, cooling and heating equipment.

For more detailed information consult the terms of reference of the partnership.

The programme of work of PACE II includes:

  • The promotion of dissemination and training activities;
  • The development of guidance documents on the ESM of used and waste e-equipment in its scope;
  • The implementation of pilot projects.

For more information, you can consult the programme of work of the Partnership and contact: at the BRS Secretariat.