Annual joint meeting between the Basel and the Stockholm convention regional centres

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Meeting Summary

Annual joint meeting between regional centres under Basel and Stockholm Conventions was held from 1-2 October 2012 and was participated by 20 Basel and Stockholm Conventions Regional Centres. The meeting was aimed at sharing information, experiences, best practices, success stories and challenges in their operation as well as discuss on how to maximize their effectiveness by cooperating and coordinating their work in their respective regions.

The meeting shared with the Regional Centres on the restructuring of the Secretariat and strategy on regional delivery of technical assistance. The meeting also discussed on the draft methodology on performance evaluation, on the preparation of the Business Plans/workplans for 2013-2014 and activity reports. Five centres shared their success stories in the areas of resource mobilization, training and capacity building, promoting effective partnerships and technology transfer.

On the efforts by the Secretariat to assist in the strengthening of the centres, the GEF Secretariat was invited to participate the meeting. The GEF representative informed the centres on possible opportunities available for them to access funding through the GEF. The Centres were also briefed on the Consultative process on financial options for chemicals and wastes by the UNEP representative. As an outcome of the meeting, the Secretariat is planning to organize a fair of projects with the possibility of meeting donors during the COPs in 2013.

Regional centres met in working groups by regions to share information and to discuss future cooperation and collaboration. The centres came up with proposals for future activities and projects, common newsletter, on-line meetings, mapping (global, regional) activities and enhancing the visibility of the Regional Centres’ work.

Meeting Documents

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Overview of the regional centres under the Basel, and Stockholm Conventions280.77 K
Business Plans and Work Plans of the regional centres under the Basel, and Stockholm Conventions176.08 K
Fostering regional cooperation and coordination Opportunities for Networking147.16 K
Cooperation and collaboration - Asia and Pacific Group143.47 K
Access to GEF Funding for Basel/Stockholm Regional Centers487.08 K
Fostering Cooperation and Collaboration Between BC, RC and SC Regional Centers in Africa164.98 K
The Secretariat today - Secretariat of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions358.96 K
Objectives - Third meeting of the regional centres under the Basel and Stockholm Conventions445.38 K
Draft Performance Evaluation Methodology based on Quantitative Analysis309.12 K
Success Stories - SCRC, Brazil558.65 K
Success Stories - BSRC, China1013.51 K
Success Stories - SCRC, Czech Rep286.51 K
Success Stories - BCRC-CAM, El Salvador3.8 MB
Success Stories - BSCRC, South Africa175.8 K