Basel Convention Coordinating Centre for Training and Technology Transfer for the African Region, Nigeria (BCCC Nigeria)

Location: Ibadan, Nigeria

Date of establishment: March 2007 (Framework Agreement). More

By decision BC-III/19 the Conference of the Parties of the Basel Convention in 1995, selected Nigeria as a site to establish a coordinating centre for Africa Region. This resulted to the establishment of BCCC Africa in 1996. However the Framework Agreement for its establishment was signed only in 2007.

Hosted by: The University of Ibadan in collaboration with the Government of Nigeria

Parties served:  The Centre being a coordinating centre no specific country assigned to be served.

Expertise: ESM of Electronic waste, inventories of e-waste, POPs wastes etc.

For more information visit:

Prof. Percy C. Onianwa
Executive Director
Basel Convention Coordinating Centre for the African Region
University of Ibadan
Linkage Centre for Cleaner Production Technology and Hazardous Waste Management
1 Ijoma Road
Ibadan, Nigeria
Tel: +2348033480589 (mobile)
+2347064514678 (fixed)

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