Paperless Meeting

Paperless meeting

The eighth meeting of the Open-ended Working Group of the Basel Convention will be paperless.

Printed documents will not be available at the meeting. Pre-session documents will be made available on the Convention website. In-session documents (such as conference room papers) will be available electronically via a wireless intranet or memory stick only.

Making a meeting paperless yields the benefit of considerably reducing the cost and the carbon footprint of the meeting. The cost savings may be used to support the participation of representatives. A paperless meeting also makes it easier for representatives to locate documents and allows for faster preparation and distribution of conference room papers.

To facilitate the paperless meeting, representatives are requested to follow these suggestions:

  • Each representative should bring a laptop computer containing basic applications, including Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat Reader and updated antivirus software.
  • Laptops should be free of viruses and pre-checked for viruses prior to arrival at the meeting. Virus-free laptops are crucial to the success of the paperless meeting.
  • Each representative should bring a memory stick for transferring documents. Like laptops, memory sticks should be virus‑free.
  • Laptops should be configured for a standard wireless (wi-fi) connection. If in doubt, please check with your local information technology expert.
  • Each representative should bring an appropriate adaptor to enable laptops to be connected to Swiss power sockets.
  • Each representative should include a current e-mail address when completing the meeting registration form in order to be able to receive correspondence about the meeting.  

All information about meeting arrangements will shortly be available on the Basel Convention website,

Your cooperation in heeding these suggestions is greatly appreciated and will ensure the success of the meeting.