The Basel Convention at a glance...

The Basel Convention at a glance...

The Basel Convention at a glance...

The Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and their Disposal is the most comprehensive global environmental treaty on hazardous and other wastes.

It aims to protect human health and the environment against the adverse effects resulting from the generation, management, transboundary movements and disposal of hazardous and other wastes.

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Meeting documents related to the negotiations of the Basel Convention

Conference of Plenipotentiaries, Basel, Switzerland, 20 - 22 March 1989

  • Resolutions
  • Working Documents

Fifth Session of the Working Group, Basel, Switzerland, 13 - 17 March 1989

Document SymbolTitleArabicChineseEnglishFrenchRussianSpanish
Items: 9       
UNEP/WG.191/1Provisional Agenda14.33 K  19.37 K 20.04 K 19.35 K 21.12 K
UNEP/WG.191/2Note by the Executive Director on some points of the HWC150.63 K 193.98 K 317.97 K 351.39 K 244.73 K 282.43 K
UNEP/WG.191/3/Add.2Proposal by the Executive Director based on recommendations of a group of experts  55.04 K   
UNEP/WG.191/3/Add.3Proposal by the Executive Director based on recommendations of a group of experts  32.57 K   
UNEP/WG.191/3/Add.3/Rev.1Bilateral, multilateral and regional agreements  33.46 K   
UNEP/WG.191/3/Add.4Proposal by the Executive Director on Article XVbis – Financial Aspects  21.93 K   
UNEP/WG.191/3/Add.5Proposal by the Executive Director on Article XVI-Conf of the Contracting Parties  16.74 K   
UNEP/WG.191/3/Add.6Proposal by the Executive Director- Article XX-Settlement of disputes  45.61 K   
UNEP/WG.191/4Draft Convention on the control of Transboundary of Hazardous Wastes  1.54 MB   

Fourth Session of the Working Group, Luxembourg, 30 January - 3 February 1989

Document SymbolTitleChineseEnglishFrenchRussianSpanish
Items: 5      
UNEP/WG.190/1Provisional agenda 18.82 K 20.16 K 18.84 K 22.39 K
UNEP/WG.190/3/Add.1Explanatory notes for amending Annexes of 5th revised draft Convention 269.63 K 311.89 K 295.9 K 319.23 K
UNEP/WG.190/3/Add.2Amended Annexes376.92 K 383.28 K 752.52 K 506.48 K 348.62 K
UNEP-WG.190-2 Financial arrangements for the proposed Secretariat 503.23 K 407.6 K 381.24 K 437.62 K
UNEP-WG.190-3Proposal by the ED for consideration by the AHWG at its Fourth Session 979.75 K 732.4 K 731.8 K 770.39 K

Third Session of the Working Group, Geneva, Switzerland, 7 - 16 November 1988

Document SymbolTitleEnglishFrenchRussianSpanish
Items: 4     
UNEP/WG.189/1Provisional Agenda20.61 K 23.51 K 21.14 K 22.98 K
UNEP/WG.189/L.1Proposal presented at previous sessions of the AHWG186.24 K 181.14 K 176.35 K 187.93 K
UNEP/WG.189/L.2Fourth revised draft Convention1.22 MB 1.26 MB 1.28 MB 1.27 MB
UNEP/WG.189/L.2/Rev.1Fourth revised draft Convention1.81 MB 1.58 MB 1.39 MB 1.7 MB

Second Session of the Working Group, Caracas, Venezuela, 6 – 10 June 1988

Document SymbolTitleEnglishFrenchRussianSpanish
Items: 2     
UNEP/WG.186/1Provisional Agenda17.83 K 20.49 K 18.67 K 21.82 K
UNEP/WG.186/2Note from the Executive Director of UNEP116.6 K 131.64 K  125.72 K

First Session of the Working Group, Geneva, Switzerland, 1 - 5 February 1988

Document SymbolTitleEnglishFrenchRussianSpanish
Items: 3     
UNEP/WG.182/1Provisional agenda22.36 K 23.45 K 24.34 K 24.65 K
UNEP/WG.182/2First revised draft Convention1.19 MB 1.23 MB 1.24 MB 1.3 MB
UNEP/WG.182/3Report of the Working Group1.08 MB 981.23 K 1.02 MB 991.71 K

Organizational meeting of the Working Group, Budapest, Hungary, 27 - 29 October 1987

Document SymbolTitleEnglishFrenchRussianSpanish
Items: 3     
UNEP/WG.180/1Provisional agenda20.53 K 20.81 K 25.27 K 21.79 K
UNEP/WG.180/2First draft Convention on the Control of the Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes889.14 K 1.04 MB 1.02 MB 972.98 K
UNEP/WG.180/3Report of the meeting732.47 K 863.22 K 905.76 K 905.32 K