Report on the Strategic Plan

Report on the review of the implementation of the current Strategic Plan (includes 9 annexes)

  • Full Report, including the annexes. (Acrobat PDF)
  • Report without the annexes (MS-Word, Acrobat PDF).
  • Annex 1: Strategic Plan for the Implementation of the Basel Convention (to 2010) (MS-Word, Acrobat PDF)
  • Annex 2: Decision IX/3: Strategic Plan and new strategic framework (MS-Word, Acrobat PDF)
  • Annex 3: List of decisions of the Conference of the Parties and the Open-ended Working Group on the Strategic Plan (MS-Word, Acrobat PDF)
  • Annex 4: Comments received from Parties and BCRCs (MS-Word, Acrobat PDF)
  • Annex 5: Action Table under the fields of the Basel Declaration (MS-Word, Acrobat PDF)
  • Annex 6 - 9: Projects, workshops and other activities carried out under the Strategic Plan. (MS-Word, Acrobat PDF)