Membership to the Household Waste Partnership working group is open to Parties to the Basel Convention and other stakeholders dealing with the different aspects of prevention, minimization and management of household waste.

Becoming a member implies demonstrating commitment to the principles, practice and promulgation of the concept of environmentally sound management of household waste pursuant to the Basel Convention and engaging in meaningful and constructive dialogue and cooperation with other partners. Members should also provide expertise on the subject and be proactive and solution-oriented with respect to the goals of the Partnership.

Parties and others are invited to nominate members to the working group fulfilling the abovementioned criteria. Initial admission to the working group shall be subject to confirmation by the Secretariat. Any entity that is not a Party or an observer to the Basel Convention and wishes to be admitted as a member of the working group should apply for observer status in accordance with the relevant procedure and be admitted as such.

The current list of members can be viewed here.