New -- National Definition of Hazardous Wastes ( for Ivonne app.)

With the introduction of the BC ERS, parties have now the option to submit changes to their ‘national definitions of hazardous wastes’ by directly updating the question No 2 under their national report at any given time. The system keeps historic information recorded so that we can retrieve the definitions that were submitted previously by relevant authorities of the country. To proceed to enter these changes please click here You will be asked to enter the user name and password of the National Focal Point. Alternatively you can still submit the information using the form and procedure describe above in this page.

National Definition of Hazardous Wastes

Texts of notifications of national definitions of hazardous wastes included on this site have been supplied by the Parties to the Secretariat.

It is noted that this section of the site does not purport to contain a complete set of the definitions of hazardous wastes adopted by all the Parties pursuant to Article 3 of the Convention. As texts are received, they shall be added to or updated on the collection on this site. The Secretariat is making arrangements, subject to availability of resources, to translate these notifications into all six official UN languages.

To access the revised standardized format and for further information about procedures to transmit a notification of national definition of hazardous wastes and changes thereto, please click here.