Small intersessional working group

The Small intersessional working group (SIWG) Technical guidelines for the environmentally sound management of wastes consisting of elemental mercury and wastes containing or contaminated with mercury was established pursuant to paragraphs 3 and 4 of decision BC-14/8.

  • The SIWG is open in nature and consists of members nominated by Parties from the five regional groups of the United Nations and is open to observers;
  • The working language of the group shall be English and the group shall otherwise organize its working modalities according to the rules of procedure of the Basel Convention;
  • The SIWG is operated by electronic means.

Members of the SIWG

Name Country
Ms. Irina Talamoni Argentina
Ms. Julie Croteau Canada
Mr. Georg Surkau Germany
Ms. Mareike Röhreich Germany
Mr. Michael Ernst Germany
Ms. Kathia David Guyana
Mr. Cristian Brito Martínez Chile
Mr. Yang Zheng China
Mr. Pablo Arturo Garcia El Salvador
Mr. Jose Rizo-Martin European Commission
Ms. Camila Alva Estabridis Peru
Mr. César Dávila Romero Peru
Mr. Toru Terai Japan
Mr. Tadashi Teranishi Japan
Ms. Kaoru Oka Japan (EX Research Institute ltd.)
Mr. Takashi Nishida Japan (EX Research Institute ltd.)
Mr. Erik Westin Sweden
Mr. Alexander Solovyano Russia

Observers of the SIWG

Name Organization
Mr. Nicolas Humez HWE
Mr. Alain Heidelberger HWE
Mr. Greg Helms US-EPA
Mr. Daniel Fagnant US-EPA
Mr. Christina Langlois-Miller US-EPA
Mr. Lee Bell IPEN
Mr. Eisaku Toda Minamata Convention Secretariat