EWG.1 Members' Area

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Pre session Documents

Document SymbolTitleEnglish
Items: 8  
UNEP/CHW/CLI_EWG.1/LOPList of participants53.5 K 53.54 K
UNEP/CHW/CLI_EWG.1/1Provisional agenda294 K 28.92 K
UNEP/CHW/CLI_EWG.1/2Report of the Expert Working Group on Environmentally Sound Management on the work of its first meeting453 K 123.43 K
UNEP/CHW/CLI_EWG.1/INF/1Tentative schedule for the meeting311.5 K 35.69 K
UNEP/CHW/CLI_EWG.1/INF/2Scenario note for the first meeting of the Expert Working Group on Environmentally Sound Management128.5 K 42.57 K
UNEP/CHW/CLI_EWG.1/INF/3Submission by sub-group 1 on the development of a draft work programme to implement environmentally sound management151 K 53.45 K
UNEP/CHW/CLI_EWG.1/INF/4Submission by sub-group 2 on consideration of key topical areas of environmentally sound management for which practical manuals might be developed127.5 K 42.67 K
UNEP/CHW/CLI_EWG.1/INF/5Submission by sub-group 3 on the collection of ideas for potential pilot projects to implement environmentally sound management194 K 66.68 K