Members of the technical expert group

Africa region 

  • Mr. Adel SHAFEI OSMAN, General Director, Hazardous Chemicals and Waste Department, Ministry of Environment, Egypt  
  • Ms. Aïcha Aloïsia ININGOUE VENDRYES, Chargé d'Etudes du Ministre, Ministère de l'Habitat, de l'Urbanisme, de l'Ecologie et du Développement Durable, Gabon 
  • Ms. Aisha USMAN MAHMOOD, Deputy Director, Department of Pollution Control and Environmental Health, Nigeria 
  • Mr. Assane DIOP, Chimiste Environnementaliste, Direction de l'Environnement et des Etablissements Classés, Senegal 
  • Mr. Issaria MANGALILI, Principal Environmental Officer, Division of Environment,Vice President’s office, Tanzania 
  • Mr. Humphrey KASIYA MWALE, Senior Inspector, Zambia Environmental Management Agency, Zambia 

Asia and the Pacific region

  • Mr. LUO Qingming, National Center of Solid Waste Management, Ministry of Environmental Protection, China 
  • Ms. Upik Sitti Aslia KAMIL, Deputy Director for Transboundary Waste Notification and Recommendation, Ministry of Environment, Indonesia 
  • Mr. Kazuhiko TAKEMOTO, Senior Advisor to Minister for International Cooperation, Japan 
  • Dr. Mohammed KHASHASHNEH, Director of Hazardous Substances and Waste Management Directorate, Ministry of Environment, Jordan 
  • Dr. Sun Kyoung SHIN, Director of Resource Recirculation Research Division, National Institute of Environmental Research (NIER), Korea, Rep. of 
  • Ms. Roula ABAZEED, Deputy Director of Chemical Safety Directorate, Head of Solid Waste Management Dep., Ministry of State for Environment Affairs, Syria 

Central and Eastern Europe region 

  • Mrs Viktoria Petrova SIMEONOVA-BELOKONSKA, Expert in Industrial and Hazardous Waste Management Department, Waste Management and Soil Protection Directorate, Ministry of Environment and Water, Bulgaria 
  • Mr. Peter WESSMAN, Legal Officer, Directorate-General Environment, European Commission 
  • Ms. Katalin PAPP, Counsellor, Environment Technologies Unit, Department of Environmental Development Policies, Ministry of Rural Development, Hungary 
  • Ms. Ingrida KAVALIAUSKIENE, Head of Waste Management Strategy Division, Ministry of Environment, Lithuania 
  • Ms. Magda GOSK, Head of Waste Shipment Unit, Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection, Poland 
  • Mr Przemys┼éaw KUROWICKI, Specialist, Department of Market Control, Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection, Poland 

Latin America and the Caribbean region

  • Mr. Alberto Santos CAPRA, Director, Secretaria de Ambiente y Desarrollo Sustentable, Argentina 
  • Mrs. Zilda Maria Faria VELOSO, Manager of Hazardous Waste at the Department of Urban Environment, Ministry of Environment, Brazil 
  • Mr. Joost MEIJER, Head of Waste Management Section, Environmental Policy and Regulations Division, Ministry for the Environment, Chile 
  • Ms. Andrea LOPEZ Arias, Profesional Especializado, Ministerio de Ambiente, Colombia 
  • Ms. Kerrine SENIOR, Manager of the Pollution, Prevention Branch, National Environment and Planning Agency, Jamaica
  • tbc 

Western European and others regions

  • Mr. Yorg AERTS, Europe policy team/policy innovation, OVAM Flemish Public Waste Agency, Belgium 
  • Ms. Jacinthe SEGUIN, Manager of Waste Policy, Waste Reduction and Management Division (WRMD), Canada 
  • Mr. Andreas JARON, Head of Division, Waste Management, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Germany 
  • Ms. Pat FENTON, Ministry of Environment, Ireland 
  • Mr. Marco BULETTI, Deputy Head of Section, Waste Treatment and Recovery Section, Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN), Switzerland 
  • Ms. Marie BOUCHER, Environmental Protection Specialist, Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery, United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S.E.P.A.), United States of America