Meeting of the small intersessional working group on technical guidelines on persistent organic pollutants as wastes

Geneva, Switzerland from 14 to 15 March 2024

Venue: International Environment House II, 7-9 chemin de Balexert, CH-1219 Châtelaine

Highlights: The objective of the meeting is to prepare a draft analysis of candidate persistent organic pollutants recommended by the POPs Review Committee for listing in annexes A, B and/or C to the Stockholm Convention in order to identify whether technical guidelines will need to be updated or developed for consideration by the Conference of the Parties at its seventeenth meeting, as per COP16 decision BC-16/3. The outcome of the meeting will be submitted for consideration by the seventeenth meeting of Conference of the Parties of the Basel Convention.

Organizer: Secretariat of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions

Working Language: English only

Meeting participants will receive details about accommodation, visa, and other relevant topics from the Secretariat.

Meeting documents

  • Working documents
  • Information documents