Through decision BC-10/2 on the strategic framework for the implementation of the Basel Convention for 2012-2021, Parties are encouraged to take specific actions to implement the strategic framework through the activities listed in the biennial programme of work.

In accordance with section IV of the strategic framework, its implementation will require increased individual and collective efforts, including the mobilization of resources from within Parties and through international cooperation. The following means of implementation have been identified as some possible options for implementing the Basel Convention, in accordance with the strategic framework.

    1. Domestic resources;
    2. External resources and funding;
    3. Private sector;
    4. Regional cooperation;
    5. Capacity-building involving human resources, organizational and institutional development;
    6. Mechanism for promoting implementation and compliance;
    7. Partnerships;
    8. Financial mechanism.

These options are described in detail in document UNEP/CHW.10/INF/34.

The Conference of the Parties, in adopting its decisions on financing and budget, mandated the Secretariat to develop and implement activities that are supportive of the goals and objectives set out in the strategic framework.