Annex IX

Wastes contained in the Annex IX (List B) will not be wastes covered by Article 1, paragraph 1 (a), of the Basel Convention unless they contain Annex I material to an extent causing them to exhibit an Annex III characteristic.

Amendments to the list of wastes contained in Annexes VIII and IX of the Basel Convention

The eighth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Basel Convention adopted decision VIII/15 on the revisions to the procedure for the review or adjustment of the lists of wastes contained in Annexes VIII and IX to the Basel Convention. On 7 May 2012, the Secretariat sent a letter to the focal points of the Basel Convention requesting them to send written comments on the proposed amendments by 8 June 2012. The comments received are listed below:


Items: 7     
Canada6/15/2012Comments from Canada51.5 K  
Canada1/31/2013Comments from Canada (after OEWG-8)21.01 K  
Central African Republic2/4/2013Quelques commentaires sur la Demande d’observations sur les amendements proposés soumis par la Finlande et les Pays-Bas et d’observations sur le projet de texte dont il est fait mention aux paragraphes 2 et 3 de la décision OEWG-8/6 29.5 K 
Colombia6/1/2012Comments from Colombia  1.01 MB
European Union1/31/2013Comments from the EU and its member states on the proposed amendments submitted by Finland and the Netherlands and comments on the draft text referred to in paragraphs 2 and 3 of decision OEWG-8/678.5 K  
European Union2/14/2013Comments from European Union (after OEWG-8)79.5 K  
Mexico1/28/2013Comentarios a las decisiones OEWG-8/6: Applications for new entries to Annex IX to the Basel Convention y OEWG-8/7: Follow-up to the Indonesia-Swiss country-led initiative providing further legal clarity  240.68 K