Workshop Montevideo 2015


Organized by the Secretariat of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions in cooperation with Regional Centre for the Basel and Stockholm Conventions based in Uruguay. The European Union kindly provided funding for the workshop.

Workshop objectives

  • Enhancing Parties’ knowledge and expertise on ESM of mercury wastes based on the existing technical guidelines on mercury wastes and other existing tools; 
  • Increasing awareness of Parties of the set of practical manuals on ESM developed by the ESM expert working group, including on the issues of classification, collection, storage, packaging and labelling, transportation and disposal operations under the Basel Convention; 
  • Pilot testing of the updated existing technical guidelines on mercury wastes and the practical manuals on ESM; and, 
  • Facilitation of national ratification and early implementation of the Minamata Convention on Mercury by strengthening countries capacities to deal with the mercury wastes.

Target audience

The training session targets national officials from 12 countries Central and South America, who are responsible and/or involved in the mercury wastes management process at the national level, specifically in the issues related to the Basel Convention. In addition, representatives of Regional Centres from the region, private sector and the civil society organizations are welcome to participate in the workshop.

Workshop documents

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Forthy participants from fourteen Latin American countries actively participated during the three days where they discussed mercury wastes prevention, labeling, temporary storage, recovery and final disposal as well as organization of transboundary movements of mercury wastes. Participants worked and exchanged information about Synergies with the Minamata Convention. They also discussed the communication obligations under the Basel the Rotterdam Conventions, and they shared their experiences and challenges in the sound management of Mercury Wastes.

Contact information

For questions regarding the training please contact Tatiana Terekhova ( or or Lina Fortelius (