Technical Guidelines on specially engineered landfill (D5) and on incineration on land (D10)

Technical Guidelines on specially engineered landfill (D5) and on incineration on land (D10) were adopted at COP 3, in 1995. Both documents are available on the publications page.

At its thirteenth meeting, by its decision BC-13/6, the Conference of the Parties (COP), decided that that the technical guidelines on incineration on land (D10) and on specially engineered landfill (D5) should be updated.

In paragraph 6 of the same decision, the COP established a small intersessional working group (SIWG), operating by electronic means, to undertake the work of updating both technical guidelines.

In paragraph 5 and 7 of the same decision, the COP invited Parties to consider serving as lead countries and invited Parties and others to nominate experts to participant in the small intersessional working group.

The Governments of Canada and Argentina have offered to co-lead the referred work on the D5 and D10 technical guidelines, in consultation with the small intersessional working group. 

Please find here the list of members to the SIWG on D5 and D10 technical guidelines.

Information on the meetings of the SIWG is also available on the website.

At the eleventh meeting of the Open-ended Working Group, by its decision OEWG-11/5, the Working group invited comments from Parties and others on the draft technical guidelines presented in documents UNEP/CHW/OEWG.11/INF/18 and UNEP/CHW/OEWG.11/INF/19. Based on the comments received, the co-lead countries, in consultation with the SIWG, will prepare the documents for the consideration of the COP-14 in 2019. 

Comments received as per OEWG-11/5 decision, can be seen here

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