Work programme (2007–2008)

1. During the biennium 2007–2008, the Committee for Administering the Mechanism for Promoting Implementation and Compliance shall review the following general issues in accordance with paragraph 21 of the terms of reference for the mechanism contained in the annex to decision VI/12 of the Conference of the Parties and in accordance with the priorities and budget decided by the Conference of the Parties:

            (a) The Committee shall further develop its understanding of national reporting issues by building on the work undertaken pursuant to its work programme for 2005–2006, with a view to providing guidance on how national reporting could be improved, given that it underpins the operation of the Convention;

            (b) The Committee shall undertake work on the issue of illegal traffic, which could include identifying available existing resources from a number of institutions, working in collaboration with such institutions and the Basel Convention regional centres, and assisting Parties through training, taking into account that such work would assist in ensuring the environmentally sound management of wastes.

2. In undertaking its work, the Committee shall take full account of the previous discussions and decisions by Basel Convention bodies on the relevant issues and shall also take account of its mandate to complement the work performed by other bodies of the Basel Convention and by the Basel Convention regional centres.

3. The Committee shall also continue to monitor any developments on the other issues addressed under its work programme for 2005–2006.

4. When the Committee receives specific submissions in accordance with paragraph 9 of the terms of reference, it shall give priority to dealing with such submissions.