Celebrate with us International E-waste Day! Recycle it all no matter how small!

The Basel Convention technical guidelines on transboundary movements of electrical and electronic waste and used electrical and electronic equipment, in particular on the distinction between waste and non-waste under the Basel Convention were adopted on an interim basis by the Conference of the Parties, in 2019, with decision BC-14/5. In decision 15/7, the Conference of the Parties asked the Secretariat to organize technical assistance activities on the guidelines in cooperation with the Basel Convention regional and coordinating centres.

This webinar will introduce the experience of European Union countries in the implementation and enforcement of the principles included in the guidelines.

This activity is organized in connection with the celebrations for International E-waste Day, 2022 edition.

The International E-waste Day takes place on 14 October every year. It was first introduced in 2018 by the Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Forum to raise awareness of the need for e-waste recycling among consumers. This year’s theme, “Recycle it all, no matter how small!”, is focused on highlighting the importance of recycling even smaller e-waste.

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