Regional Roundtable on the Life-cycle approach for the Sound Management of Hazardous Chemicals and Wastes

Beijing, China, 27-28 November 2018

The BRS Secretariat, together with the Basel and Stockholm Convention Regional Centre in China, organized a regional roundtable in Beijing from 27 to 28 November on the life-cycle approach for the sound management of hazardous chemicals and wastes. The roundtable, attended by 20 representatives from seven Asian countries, was organized within the framework of a project on the life-cycle approach being implemented by BCRC China.

Recognizing the need to better understand the socioeconomic aspects of phasing out or reducing the use/production of specific hazardous chemicals, the workshop participants were introduced to the concept of life-cycle assessment and its practical application in China and the pilot country of Sri Lanka. Each country participant shared national experiences of implementing the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm conventions, highlighting in many cases the need for strengthened capacities for the sound management of hazardous chemicals and waste, including through the application of the life-cycle approach. The roundtable culminated in a group exercise whereby the participants considered the application of the LCA methodology with respect to POPs of concern in their countries.

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