Second call for PWP pilot project proposals

A second call for proposals for pilot projects under the PWP was issued in January 2022, with a deadline in April 2022.

Key facts

  • Deadline for submission: 11 April 2022 at 23h59 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
  • Indicative budget: approx. USD 50,000 to 180,000 per project, for national projects, and USD 300,000 to 500,000 for regional projects;
  • Indicative timeframe: approx. 12-24 months for national projects and 18-24 for regional projects.

Eligible proponents

Proposals may be submitted by:

  • Parties to the BRS Conventions;
  • Basel and Stockholm Convention Regional and Coordinating Centres;
  • not-for-profit entities that have observer status under the Basel Convention; and
  • non-Party States that have observer status under the Basel Convention.

Please refer to the full list of eligibility criteria as outlined in the modalities featured below.

Examples of possible pilot project topics

Proposals with activities that aim at developing new tools to address plastic waste or tackle a new aspect of ESM plastic waste, show a high potential for scale/replicability and/or show a high potential to trigger expanded activities in the immediate future are encouraged.

Proposals may fall under one or two of the four project groups of the PWP, as listed in the table below. For each project group, a non-exhaustive list of examples of possible pilot project topics is provided.

Project group

Examples of possible pilot project topics

1) Plastic waste prevention and minimization

2) Plastic waste collection, recycling and other recovery including financing and related markets

3) Transboundary movements of plastic waste

4) Outreach, education and awareness-raising

Information to submit proposals:

All project proposals are to be submitted using the template for proposals featured below. Applicants should carefully read the modalities featured below. To submit your application, please send the completed form and supporting documents to the Secretariat: and

Important documents:

  • Modalities for the submission, selection, implementation and evaluation of pilot projects of the Basel Convention Partnership on Plastic Waste working group
  • Template for proposals
  • FAQs about the submission, selection, implementation and evaluation of the pilot projects

Further information:

Please visit the webpage of the PWP for further information on the Partnership. For any questions, please contact the Secretariat.