Basel Convention Regional Centre for Training and Technology Transfer for CIS countries, Russian Federation (BCRC Russia)

The hosting institution of BCRC Russian Federation has been changed. 

Location: Moscow, Russian Federation

Date of establishment: BCRC in 1996 (Ministerial decree, no Framework Agreement ). 

Decision BC-III/19 the Conference of the Parties of the Basel Convention in 1997, selected Russian Federation as a site to establish a BCRC for the Eastern Europe sub-region. The Autonomous non-profit organization "Centre for International Projects", which was established in 1981 to provide information and scientific-analytical support to the international environmental cooperation between Russia and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and other international organizations was nominated by the Central and Eastern European region to serve as a regional centre for the Stockholm Convention as well in March 2008. COP 5, which was held in 2011, endorsed the centre as a Stockholm Convention regional or subregional centre for four years and recently, COP 7 has endorsed it again for another term of four years.

Hosted by: Russian State Scientific Research Institution "VNII Ekologia" (the previous host institution since 1996 was Autonomous non-profit organization "Centre for International Projects" which ceased its activities as the regional centre since 2015).

Parties served:  The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) Countries, the specific names after the finalization of the Framework Agreement 

Expertise: The Centre has expertise in various Basel technical guidance e.g., electrical and electronic waste. The centre has expertise in developing module on the remediation and disposal of hazardous wastes relating to Basel Convention, and building a registry of the technologies available in Russian Federation

Director: Mr. Ruslan Butovsky
Contact person: Mr. Pavel Bubnov
Telephone/Fax: +7(495)4230322
Address: ­ Estate «Snamenskoye-Sadki», Moscow, 117628, Russian Federation 

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