Membership to the Follow up Partnership to the Partnership for Action on Computing Equipment working group is open to Parties to the Basel Convention as well as other stakeholders as described in the terms of reference of the Partnership:

Membership in the working group is open to Parties and signatories to the Basel Convention, municipalities, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, private sector and academia dealing with the different aspects of e-waste management, e.g. collection, transport, separation, recycling, other recovery, including energy recovery and final disposal of e-wastes, including the sound handling of hazardous objects and substances contained in computing equipment, as well as manufacturers, academia, public-interest groups, and Basel and Stockholm Conventions Regional and Coordinating Centres for Capacity Building and Technology Transfer (BCRCs/BCCCs/SCRCs) which have the specific expertise and experience required for the activities of the Partnership and which satisfy the following criteria:

Admission and suspension of membership to the working group shall be decided by the working group. Any entity wishing to be admitted as a member of the working group shall formally communicate this to the Secretariat of the Basel Convention, stating how the applicant has met the membership criteria under the present terms of reference, for onward transmittal to, and consideration by, the working group.

Any entity that is not a Party or an observer to the Basel Convention and wishes to be admitted as a member of the working group should apply for observer status in accordance with the relevant procedure and be admitted as such.

Current list of members can be viewed here.

Contact in the Secretariat