Information for participants

Face-to-face segment of the twelfth meeting of the open-ended working group to the Basel Convention, Nairobi, kenya, 4-6 April 2022

The latest information on COVID precautions in Kenya is now available here.

1. Dates and venue

The face-to-face segment of the twelfth meeting of the Open-ended Working Group to the Basel Convention (OEWG-12) is scheduled to take place from 4 to 6 April 2022 at:

United Nations Office in Nairobi (UNON)
Conference room 2

United Nations Avenue, Gigiri, Nairobi, Kenya
Tel.: +254-(0)20 7621234
Access: via the UN Avenue – off Limuru Road. The pedestrian access is through the Pavilion, north of the main vehicle access gates opposite the United States Embassy. Vehicles can drop off their passengers at a drive-in space in front of the gate.

Please make sure you bring a valid Government issued picture identity card or passport with you to enter the UN Complex. A COVID-19 vaccination certificate is compulsory to enter the UNON premises. Participants should be in a position to show proof of vaccination while on the premises (i.e., through a vaccination certificate, or through the official nomination letter in the case of government representatives).

Taking into account the COVID-19 pandemic situation, participants who cannot attend the meeting in person can participate remotely through an online meeting platform, Interactio. The entire meeting, including plenary sessions and contact/drafting group meetings will be connected to the online meeting platform.

Registered participants will receive an email invitation for test sessions before the meeting to ensure that they are technically ready to connect to the Interactio platform. We strongly recommend you participate in at least one of the test sessions in order to ensure that your audio devices are working properly and that you can participate effectively in the meeting. Further information on the test sessions will be made available on the meeting website:

2. Schedules

The face-to-face segment of OEWG-12 will start on Monday, 4 April 2022 at 10:00 a.m. and is scheduled to finish by 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, 6 April 2022. Further information on the overall approach and the scheduling of sessions during the meeting is available in documents: the scenario note for OEWG-12 (UNEP/CHW/OEWG.12/INF/1/Rev.2) and the tentative schedule for the meeting (UNEP/CHW/OEWG.12/INF/2/Rev.2). These documents are made available on the OEWG-12 website: In addition, a document entitled “Compilation of actions proposed for consideration during the face-to-face segment of the twelfth meeting of the Open-ended Working Group” (UNEP/CHW/OEWG.12/17) provides further information on how the prioritised agenda items for the meeting may be managed.

Participants are asked to note that pre-meetings, including Bureau and regional meetings, will take place on Sunday, 3 April 2022. The schedule will be as follows:

Regional group meetings
 Africa  2 pm – 4 pm  Room 1 
 Asia-Pacific  2 pm – 4 pm  Room 4
 CEE  2 pm – 4 pm  Room 11
 EU  3 pm – 7 pm  Room 13
 GRULAC  2 pm – 4 pm  Room 10
 JUSCANZ  2 pm – 4 pm  Room 14
 WEOG  2 pm – 4 pm  Room 7

3. Side events

A limited number of spaces for side events during OEWG-12 will be available. Those wishing to organise side events during this meeting are requested to email Ms. Susan Wingfield (email: by 15 March 2022. As the slots are limited, they will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

4. Registration

Registrations and collection of badges will take place at the Pass and ID Office near the main entrance to the Gigiri complex.
Registrations will be open from Sunday, 3 April 2022 at 9 a.m.

5. Languages

The working languages of OEWG-12 will be Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

6. Travel

Owing to the current COVID-19 pandemic, pursuant to the guidelines for travelers issued by the Government of Kenya, as of 12 February 2022, all travelers are required to provide a certificate proving that they are fully vaccinated. Those exempt include travelers with medical conditions precluding vaccination (medical proof required), and travelers who have recovered from a past COVID-19 infection at most 90 days prior to entering Kenya (proof of past infection required).

Travelers are also required to provide a negative COVID-19 PCR test no older than 72 hours to be controlled before flight take-off, to enter Kenya.

All travelers are also required to fill in an electronic traveller’s surveillance form through the weblink: The QR code generated must be shown to port health officials to access the details filled in the form.

For more information, please visit the Kenya Ministry of Health website.

It is highly recommended that all delegates contact their respective embassy or permanent mission in Kenya for any additional advice on travelling to Nairobi.

7. Visas

It is the delegate’s own responsibility to obtain a visa for Kenya, prior to departure. The information provided here acts only as guidance. A valid passport, not expiring for at least six months from date of arrival is required for entry into Kenya.

A valid entry visa is required for most countries and may be obtained in advance online. Please see visa options from this website. For visa application, please visit the following link:

8. Accommodation in Nairobi

Participants are kindly requested to make own hotel reservations for their stay in Nairobi. A list of hotels and guest houses in Kenya that have been cleared by the UN Department of Safety and Security in Nairobi can be found here. A list of hotels with suggested rates in Nairobi can be found here.

Participants who choose to use other forms of accommodation are advised to be vigilant about selecting safe and appropriate accommodation.

9. Health-related information

All delegates, regardless of rank and affiliation who intend to participate in the meeting in person are required to verify that they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 at the time of registration.

Specific safety and health measures at the meeting venue will be put in place and will be announced in due time in a specific information note on COVID-19 precautions. Participants attending the meeting in-person will be requested to observe these measures.

A service will be provided onsite at the Gigiri complex to enable delegates to obtain a PCR test prior to travelling back to their country of origin (as required). This cost is to be borne by the delegate and is estimated to be approximately USD 55. Further information on the arrangements for onsite PCR tests will be provided in the information note on COVID-19 precautions mentioned above.

A yellow fever vaccination certificate is required if you are arriving in Kenya from a country with risk of yellow fever transmission. Please seek further advise from your travel agent or doctor in your home country, who should have information on vaccination requirements for visitors into Kenya.

The UNON Joint Medical Service will be available in cases of emergency. The clinic is located on ground floor behind the UN SACCO Offices Tel. +254 20 762 1267, +254 20 762 2267, +254 20 762 2268. The emergency contact line is: +254-724255378.

10. Security

Participants are personally responsible for their movements outside the UN Complex.

11. Medical and travel insurance

The United Nations does not cover life, medical or travel insurance for participants. Therefore, it is your responsibility or that of your government to ensure that you obtain comprehensive international medical and travel insurance prior to your travel to Kenya. We recommend including COVID-19 related insurance to help cover your expenses in case you will be required to quarantine and/or receive medical treatment. The Secretariat will not be in position to bear the costs of quarantine in Kenya nor in the travellers’ home countries upon return, nor the costs of testing, nor be able to arrange for vaccination of participants.

12. Time and weather

The time zone in Kenya is GMT + 3 hours.

April is one of the warmest and rainiest months in Nairobi, Kenya. The overall day temperature is in the range of an average high of 27°C (80.6°F) and an average low of 15.6°C 60.1°F). With an average relative humidity of 88%, April is one of the most humid months. Current weather conditions in the area can be found here.

13. Electricity

The electrical currents in Kenya are 220 - 240 Volts, 50 Hertz, using the 13A 3 [square] wall switch socket outlet.

14. Money and Banking Currency and exchange rates

The official currency of the Republic of Kenya is the Kenya Shilling (KES). The current exchange rates are approximately: 1 US Dollar = KES 110-115 and 1 EUR = KES 125-130. As exchange rates fluctuate, kindly click here for more up to date information.

ATMs are available country-wide with 24-hour access. Within the UNON complex there are four ATMs on the lower concourse; two next to the Kenya Commercial Bank, one near the UNFCU (United Nations Federal Credit Union) and the last one next to Standard Chartered Bank. There are also two ATMs (KCB and UNFCU) at the UN Commissary at the northern end of the UN Gigiri Complex. Major international cards are accepted.

15. Shuttle and Taxi Services

Many hotels provide courtesy shuttle services to/from airport and in some cases from the hotel to the UNON complex. Visitors should advise their hotels in good time of their transportation needs. In the absence of a courtesy bus, visitors should use reputable taxi companies. Recommended taxi companies are listed below:

  • Jaycab Taxis: +254 (0)20 721 0510
  • Jatco: +254 (0)72 528 0000 or +254 (0)73 377 7425
  • Jimcab: +254 (0)71 433 3777 or +254 (0)73733 3222

16. Emergency numbers

 UN Security Operation Centre (SOC)  0207622053/2116, 0707722503, 0707722505
 UN Security Control Room  0207626666, 0720629999, 0733629999
 Joint Medical Service  +254-724255378 (emergencies), +254 20 762 1267,
 +254 20 762 2267, +254 20 762 2268
 Diplomatic Police (DPU)  0708589522, 0731170666
 Kenya Police  999, 112, 020272 4154
 St. Johns Ambulance +254 0721225285(Ambulance), +254 0721611555
 E-plus Ambulance  0700395395; 0738395395
 AAR Ambulance  0725225225; 0202717375
 Aga Khan University Hospital  0203740000; 0711092000; 0722204146

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